Cablesizer is a free online tool for sizing low voltage, insulated electrical cables according to the following standards:

  • NFPA 70, “National Electrical Code (NEC)”, 2011
  • IEC 60364-5-52, “Low voltage electrical installations – Part 5-52: Selection and erection of electrical equipment – Wiring Systems”, 2009

Cable sizing should be easy and it should be automated. It’s a well defined task and for most common scenarios, there should be no reason to do it manually by hand, or have to rely on integrated power systems analysis packages like ETAP, PTW, etc. These appear to be two extremes, but unfortunately most practising electrical engineers have to choose between them because there isn’t a third option.

So with Cablesizer, we wanted to make an automated cable sizing tool that is both easy to use and completely transparent. You don’t need any logins or password; just fire up Cablesizer and you can start sizing right away. More importantly, all the reports generated by Cablesizer include references to the relevant clauses in the standards, as well as the equations that are used to calculate the results. So Cablesizer isn’t a black box – you can take the results and check it independently against the standards.

But remember that Cablesizer is just a tool and the old adage applies – garbage in = garbage out. Therefore you need to at least know something about the fundamentals of cable sizing. To help you, take a look at our tutorial pages, in particular the principles of cable sizing page, or alternatively get a copy of the latest NEC or IEC standards.

If you have any comments, suggestions or corrections, please contact us at contact@cablesizer.com.

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    1. Jules Post author

      Hi John,
      We’re currently in the early stages of developing an Android app for Cablesizer.
      We’ll have more news about it in the a few months time!


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